Behind Companhia Brasileira de Alumínio path, there is an important strategic vision, based on self-sufficiency. Thus, from the beginning of its activities, in 1955, CBA started investing in the production of a basic raw material for the metal production: electric power.

In 1949, CBA requested to the Federal Government the permission to take advantage of the hydrous resources of Juquiá-Guaçu river and its affluent, Assungui river. With the request approval, the works were started and, in 1958, França hydroelectric power plant operations begun in Juquitiba region, São Paulo state, the first one of CBA.

The investments in clean, renewable energy self-supplying have not stopped and, today, CBA counts on 18 hydroelectric power plants, responsible for approximately 60% of the energy it consumes. CBA holds 100% of the energy in thirteen power plants (Alecrim, Barra, França, Fumaça, Itupararanga, Jurupará, Porto Raso, Salto do Iporanga, Serraria, Santa Helena, Votorantim, Piraju and Ourinhos), and five of them are part of consortiums with other companies (Machadinho, Barra Grande, Campos Novos and Canoas I & II).

Campos Novos power plant has been built and when it is ready, together with the already built power plants, will reach an annual generation capacity of approximately 5 million MWh.

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